Saturday, August 6, 2011

Artsy Addicts Tea Party Tag Swap

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by and checking out all the projects that were made by the people in Group #7 for the Tea Party Tag Swap hosted by Artsy Addicts.  I must say that I love each and every single one of these tags!  I may eventually compile them into a journal for friends that inspire me.  We'll see, it may be a while but I'll work on it and in the future I will post what I have done with them.  I may just hoard!  Lord knows I definitely know how to hoard everything to do with paper crafting...hahaha.  Now on with the tags.

This one was made by myself and the video is also posted on my YouTube channel which I will post below.

This one is from Angee Lee Butler and her website is:

This one is from Betty and her YouTube channel is:  booper216

This one is from Kerry Duff.  Her YouTube channel is:  duffer9904 and her website is

And last but absolutely not least this one is from Tonya Gibbs.  Her YouTube channel is: Psychomoms and her blog is:

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  A big thank you and shout out goes to Karlas001 for being the gracious hostess in sending these out to everyone.  It was definitely a big job!  Also thanks goes to Marion Smith for being the creator of the wonderful Artsy Addicts Group on facebook.  Without her these swaps and support from everyone wouldn't be possible.   Please feel free to leave a comment.  They are always welcome and encouraged.



  1. beautiful tags!! Your work is gorgeouss!!

  2. This swap is right up my alley! Lol!
    All the tags are really creative, and I love yours! How fun was this!